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linear accelerators, klystrons for different applications

We supply the best RF equipment in the field of linear accelerators – magnetrons, klystrons and complete accelerating systems dealing with manufacturers in Russia and worldwide.

We help by providing solutions for a wide range of civil applications: medicine, non-destructive testing, anti-microbe treatment and food processing, science, x-ray inspection systems.

We support offering service and maintenance during warranty and post-warranty.

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Pulse/average power 4 MW/6 kW (mode 1), 6 MW/6 kW (mode 2).Frequency 2856 ± 5 MHz. The S-band klystron K-168

Pulse/average power 6 MW/6 kW. Frequency 2856 ± 2 MHz. The S-band klystron K-268 is designed to feed linear accelerators

Pulse/average power 3 MW/6 kW. Frequency 5712 ± 4 MHz. The C-band klystron K-273 is designed to feed

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