About Us

The best technology science can offer today


At ScanTechnology (abbreviated – ScanTech) we pursue to supply our customers with the best RF equipment in the field of linear accelerators (linacs). For years we have been working in close partnership with prominent
scientists and companies to bring together knowledge and experience building a solid base to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions.



Today we deliver solutions to our customers worldwide. We are focused on klystrons and linear accelerators.


The supplied klystrons are successfully implemented in medical systems, x-ray inspection, non-destructive testing and antibacterial food treatment, among other uses.

Advantages of cooperation

We work to solve your problems.

Development of individual decisions

We offer not only ready-made solutions, but also create solutions for individual needs of the customer.


We provide warranty services for our products.

Quick response

We are a small cohesive team that responds quickly to incoming requests.

Technical support

We provide technical support by answering questions from our customers.

areas of application


Pulse power supplies for a wide variety of applications

Pulse/average power 4 MW/6 kW (mode 1), 6 MW/6 kW (mode 2).Frequency 2856 ± 5 MHz. The S-band klystron K-168

Pulse/average power 6 MW/6 kW. Frequency 2856 ± 2 MHz. The S-band klystron K-268 is designed to feed linear accelerators

Pulse/average power 3 MW/6 kW. Frequency 5712 ± 4 MHz. The C-band klystron K-273 is designed to feed

As a continuously developing company we are open to new partners. Please feel free contacting us