Food processing

Food and seeds irradiation is a physical treatment in which food is exposed to calculated dose of ionizing radiation. The electron beam food processing may be used for the following purposes:

  • – reduce the incidence of foodborne disease by destroying pathogenic organisms;
  • – important decrease in product loss due to insects, bacteria and mold;
  • – extended shelf life and reduce loss of foodstuffs by premature ripening, germination, or sprouting;
  • – reducing the dependence on chemical pesticides.*

The klystron used for most food treatment projects is the KIU-268 which offers high average power:

  mode 1mode 2 
Basic features    
Operating frequency, MHz2856 ± 22856 ± 55712 ± 4
Max. output pulse power at any phase of load, MW, not less than6.
Average output pulse power, kW, not less than25.
Supplied pulse power, MW, not more than1510157.7
Supplied average power, kW, not more than62.5151515
Efficiency in saturation mode, %, not less than42454545
Modulating pulse length, µs7.0 – 16.02.5 – 7.03.0 – 7.0
Duty cycle, approx.0.42%0.15%0,10%0,20%
Cathode pulse voltage, kV, not more than55465345
Filament voltage, V, not more than242616
Beam pulse current, A, not more than300230300160
Filament current, A, not more than303530
Gain, dB, not less than505050
Length of klystron, not more than900 mm900 mm640 mm
Weight of klystron with permanent magnets, not more than90 kg90 kg65 kg